Can You Belize It?

So,One of my best friends in the whole world and I packed up and went to Belize for a week. And let me tell you: BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE. Seriously guys, traveling is the secret to life. You learn new things about yourself, the people you’re with, and the culture you dive in to. You get to experience things you just can’t experience in your home town. We went cave tubing, saw Mayan ruins, swam with sharks, and rode bikes around the island of Ambergris Caye. It was amazing. And what is cave tubing you ask? Well it goes a little something like this: Grab an inner-tube, hike a mile into the jungle, and float on back down through caves as bats fly over your head.

One of the things that made it so amazing though, is the person I was with. My friend Christie and I laughed so hard we cried, ate so much pasta it probably wasn’t healthy, and spent hours on end just talking, laying out, and enjoying God’s creation. Who you travel with is SO much more important than where you end up traveling to. I’ve been to a good share of places in this world and the things I remember most are the things that I experience with great people.

p.s. – Ladies, travel with your girl-friends! There’s nothing better. It may sound fun (and will be fun) to travel with a significant other, but if you’re not married yet, take time to have adventures with your best girl-friends because they are the ones who will not care how many pictures you wanna take, and feel your pain when that island weather and your hair aren’t getting along.

Have a great weekend friends,