Our hearts are so fragile. It’s like they are made of glass. If you don’t handle them carefully, they could break. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than a broken heart. It’s this sense of loss and rejection all rolled up into one painful feeling. People’s hearts can break for many reasons. Maybe you were diagnosed with a disease. Maybe someone you care about passed away. Maybe someone said something mean to you. Maybe you gave your heart to someone and they tossed it aside. Or maybe you have a broken heart because you broke someone else’s heart.

My heart has broken many times in my life for many different reasons. It’s always the most recent one that hurts the most. The pain is new and the wounds haven’t turned into scars yet. I have many scars on my heart from past experiences. And even though the wounds heal with time, there are still remnants of that pain leftover. I don’t think you ever fully get over a broken heart. It will always be a memory. But I think the brokenness makes us who we are today. We grow from the pain. We learn new things about ourselves through the pain. In a way it’s necessary to experience pain because it makes us stronger, wiser people. It makes us more confident and it shows us what to do if a situation like that ever happens again.

I definitely wouldn’t be the same person I am today if I had never experienced a pain that caused me to grow in so many areas of my life. I am stronger mentally and emotionally. Especially in relationships, the pain has made me sure of what I want in the future. It has made me sure in my decisions. I am thankful for all my broken hearts. It’s a weird concept to be thankful for your broken heart, but if you are, I think you’ll come out the other side with so much wisdom, acceptance and confidence.

Through everything, be careful with people’s hearts. A heart is an essential muscle that is capable of feeling so many things. It breaks so easily and the scars can last a lifetime. Sometimes a broken heart is avoidable and sometimes it’s not. It’s weird to say, but I hope everyone has the experience of a broken heart at some point in their life so that they can grow and become a whole person who doesn’t need anything or anyone else to complete them.

– Kalina