Say What You Want

Release Date: 2018-06-01
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Our EP, “Say What You Want” is really special to us for so many reasons:
  1. It sounds exactly the way we pictured it in our heads. We worked with our favorite producer in the whole world Darryl Swann. He helped us shape our ideas in ways we didn’t think were possible. (Thank you so much, Darryl!) 
  2. These songs are so important to us. They reflect our thoughts and dreams. They express how we feel and who we are in this chapter of our lives. They tell stories that are dear to us. And we even give our interpretation of a story from another songwriter – Paul Simon.
  3. The message in the title song, “Say What You Want,” is an important one. We hope this EP inspires you to say what you want in a way that is healthy for you and honest for others.
Take a listen to our songs and please let us know on Facebook or Instagram what you think! We hope you love this collection as much as we do!
~ Kalina & Kiana
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